Welcome to Kale Pot Cottage

Peace, tranquility, relaxation

Nestled in the heart of the North York Moors National Park

Tranquil surroundings away from it all

Breathtaking scenery, literally on your doorstep

Chasing Trails

Why do we ride mountain bikes..?

…for the way it feels, the wide open spaces, the single-track, the spectacular scenery, the connection with the trail & the earth, the peace, the adrenaline, the solitude, the community, the unexpected, the familiar, the list goes on…

Mountain biking offers different things to different people & at different times. Chasing Trails was started in 2008 to help fellow riders get the most from their mountain biking. One of the common ‘realisations’ people have after a day of skills instruction is how much it’s added to their riding experience compared to other upgrades.

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